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Reset NSID password


  1. Go to the NSID password recovery page
  2. Click "I forgot my password"
  3. Enter your NSID and click "Continue"
  4. Choose an option to reset your password.  Options are: email address, SMS, or by answering security questions.
    • If you selected "Reset my password with my email address", click the word “here” to send a recovery code to your external email address.
    • If you selected "Reset using SMS", click the word “here” to send a code to your cellular number.
    • If you selected "Answering my security questions", answer all the questions that are showing.
  5. Verify by either:
    • Entering in the code you received via email or SMS into the Code text box and click Verify.
    • Entering your security question answers into the Answer text box(es) and click Verify.
  6. Type in a new password into the first field, retype to verify in the second field, and then click Reset password.
    • Adhere to the password requirements outlined.
    • After entering your new password in both text boxes, check your Password Complexity. Create a password that is at least Very Good or Excellent, and avoid passwords that are Too Weak and Good.
    • Make sure you store this password safely in a password manager or commit it to your memory so that it will be available to you the next time you need it. 
    • Click Reset Password.
  7. Wait at least 15 minutes after resetting your password before attempting to login with your new password. Do not change your password again during this time. It will take approximately 15 minutes for your new password to sync to all services (e.g., PAWS, MyProfile, Microsoft Office 365 etc.).
  8. After changing your password, you will need to update your password for the following applicable services and devices:
    • VPN: If you are working remotely (off-campus), then you will need to enter your new password to log onto the VPN.
    • Wi-Fi: Any devices that connect to any USask Wi-Fi networks will need to be reset with your new login credentials.
    • Apple Devices (Mac): If you use an Apple device, you will need to take additional steps to synchronize your new password.
    • Password Managers: If you use an external password manager, update your password there.
Recover NSID Username
  1. Go to the NSID username recovery page
  2. Click "I forgot my username"
  3. It will prompt for your recovery email or phone number. Type the recovery email or phone number you set to recover your device so the email will not be your university email.
  4. Click "Continue"
  5. If you entered a correct recovery email or phone number, you will receive a message with your NSID username via text or email, depending on what you chose.
  6. You should be able to sign in with your NSID username.


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If you have not setup recovery options for your USask NSID, or you need additional help with password set up, use this form to request assistance with password recovery or reset.